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[14 Aug 2008|01:04pm]
[ mood | excited ]

meet our house :o)

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[21 Feb 2008|04:44pm]

join our team...
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AIDS Walk Houston 2008 [20 Feb 2008|03:04pm]
On March 9th I will join thousands of other AIDS Walk Houston participants in showing our commitment to the fight against HIV/AIDS, as well as our love and compassion for everyone affected by HIV/AIDS. For this reason, and for so many more, I ask you to share your compassion by supporting me with a pledge to my AIDS Walk effort. It all begins with one step, and I hope you will join me in this Walk.

To place a pledge on my behalf you can click on the link below to get to my personal web page and make a simple and secure contribution by credit card.

On behalf of those who are living with HIV and AIDS and those who have been lost, thank you so much for your compassion and generous support.


Sam's AIDS Walk Houston Page

If anyone would like to donate their time and walk with us, we are forming a team!
Just register here: www.AIDSWalkHouston.org And then let me know and we can add you!! :o)
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[30 May 2005|05:07pm]

funny funny stuff :o)
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[04 Mar 2005|10:13pm]
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[29 Aug 2004|11:25pm]
click this it's hilarium

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[09 Jul 2004|11:22pm]
what a shitty mood.
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[09 Jul 2004|04:16pm]
so last night we went to jillian's work 'cause i was CRAVING some baked potatoes... so we get there... and i order... and the dude says they're "out of spuds". what kinda bullshit is that?!? damn jillian she's useless.

so then i get home from a long hard day at work today and my jarred has some baked potatoes ready for me. he is so sweet. i am so spoiled. a spoiled brat. hehe.

and what the fuck is up with god damn livejournal???? he keeps changing my everything to "default livejournal" instead of fucking "generator" so all my damn posts look funny and i keep changing it back and then HE keeps changing it right back. it's really starting to piss me off.

so then while i was at work heard steph say that she's going to hang out with jessica tonight. they're going to a movie. i wasn't invited. bastards. i didn't wanna see stupid king arthurpants anyway. i'm gonna go see the anchorman by myself fuckers!!! HAAAAAA!!! and i'm only inviting jarred. and no one else. and i don't like the new girl. stupid girl with her stupid attitude. ugh.

it's naptime now.
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my kids!!! [23 Jun 2004|05:11am]
just 2 for now...Collapse )
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[20 Jun 2004|12:11am]
i hate myself and i want to die. or sleep forever. whichever comes first.
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[12 Jun 2004|10:50pm]
so last night when i wanted to watch Along Came Polly jarred was still on the computer and he said "it's ok you can start it i'll be there in a sec, love." so i went to start the movie and i couldn't find the DVD reeemote. so i started it anyway and then i decided i wanted some popcorn. so i got up and stopped the movie, forgot about the popcorn (ADD again) and started looking for the reemote. so i gave up, put some butter in the microwave to melt before i popped the popcorn and went to look for the remote again. Jarred lifted up the couch and i found all sorts of cool stuff under there AND i found the remote.

so then i went back to the butter in the microwave (it had been in there for a minute and a half) and opened the door and it was kinda bubbly and then it kinda exploded and i screamed and slammed the door really fast... and it popped a few more times. it was scary as all hell.

so jarred rushes in to see what happened and got mad at me 'cause the microwave was a mess and started cleaning it up and threw the melted butter in the sink. i was really confused as to why my melted butter had to go in the sink... he said it would get hard by the time i cleaned the microwave AND popped the popcorn. so then there's no more butter in the tub and i got all angry 'cause jarred threw the butter (that i almost DIED for) away... so i went back to the movie after i finished cleaning the microwave and didn't want popcorn.

jarred knew i was pissed off and so he made me popcorn. and then finally came and watched the movie with me. he'd already missed the first like 15-20 minutes... some really funny parts too! but it was a good movie. i'm glad i bought it.

so today i babysat Frankenscence 'cause Jen was working. so they came over a little after 8 with millions of toys. omg i was so tired. i swear i didn't fully wake up till around 11 or 12. jennifer told me that he'd probably fall asleep right after he left and if not then, it'd be around 10ish. he didnt. i was so tired. i just wanted a NAP!!! so then we ate popcorn and watched Finding Nemo and some other cartoons. Lunch was Ramens... frank made a mess (jen said he wouldn't) ... he kept trying to eat my bowl and then he didn't want any at all.

FrankenPie fell asleep at 4:32 and then jarred came home around 6:07 and woke him up. we took frank and all sorts of toys home and then i left for home and i thought Jarred was right behind me but stupid steve kept him talking and i had to wait for jarred out in the heat outside my house 'cause he had the keys. for some reason he finds it absolutely necissary to lock the door when we go to jen's house.

we went to mom's and ate rice and peas and chicken. it was so good until i got a bone in my chicken and then i didn't eat anymore. i get all freaked out when i get a weird piece in my food. i have to stop eating it.

it's time to administer Master Baxter's medications.
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[11 Jun 2004|06:07pm]
i went to walmart after work today and bought toys for my kids.... baxter is going insane with his and i think he may have a heart attack if he doesn't rest... he's sooo adorable and i wish i had a video camera... poor little fat thing.

here's what i got:Collapse )
it's basically a feathery toy & bell on the end of a piece of elastic on a stick. poor baxter... maybe i should take it away so he can rest....
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[10 Jun 2004|11:16pm]
so i ordered the pizza (papa johns, large half pepperoni + extra cheese, half pepperoni + jalapenos, light sauce on all of it, order of breadsticks - that nasty red sauce and instead, and extra cheese sauce). man says 35-45 minutes. lots of time goes by. i check my phone and it's been 56 minutes. so i call. man says "it hasn't even been 30 minutes since you called" and i said "yeah it's been an hour" he says "well on the computer it says it hasn't even been 30 minutes... oh wait i was looking at the wrong thing. ok call back in 10 minutes if it isn't there". pizza arives about 4-6 minutes later. man doesn't bring pizza in the hot bag thing. pizza wasn't as hot as usual. jarred's half of pizza doesn't appear to have pepperoni. i call back. i told them it was late, not hot, and no pepperonis on his half. he told me to check under the cheese. i told him i already did. he said i can have a free pizza next time with as many toppings as i want. i win.
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[10 Jun 2004|09:08pm]
nastinessCollapse )

after work i went to mom's 'cause she needs me to clip Boots' nails 'cause they can't... but they'd already let him out and he was gone. so i told them i'd be back today after work.

i had a dream last night that i was pregnant with a girl and if you pushed on my tummy you could see her profile and her little mouth was so cuuute and she was beautiful. i want a baby. jarred says we can't 'cause jillian is having one soon. but she's having a boy!! i want a girl to dress up and paint nails...

i got called into work a little early today which was fine 'cause i was bored. it was busy as all hell. fuckin stupid place. so then after work i went to mom's to clip boots' nails and they let him out again. i was pissed as all hell. i said "i TOLD you yesterday that i was coming today!!!" apparently terje asked if he should keep boots in and mom said "no just let him out". man i was pissed off. so on the way home EVERYONE was pissing me the fuck off and i'm sure i almost got into several wrecks. there's nothing ever on the radio and i hate my stupid CD player-less car.

so then i went home and we don't have velveeta to have with the broccoli. we can't eat broc w/o cheese!!! so we ordered pizza instead.

i've got 2 rolls of film to develop and i think both rolls are totally of my kids. i wish the scanner worked so i could show the world how precious they are. aww my little baxterwaxter and my punkypunks.

oooh yeah and i'm gonna get Along Came polly tomorrow. it's payday tomorrow. yay.
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[09 Jun 2004|10:18am]
i am so afraid of waking up and not hearing baby baxter's snore-like breathing... then finding him either near death or already there.

why won't he get better???

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[08 Jun 2004|09:58pm]
jenny poo look here...Collapse )
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[08 Jun 2004|06:10pm]
i took baxter to work today 'cause he's sounding worse than ever, can't mew anymore, and has started coughing. dr miller said he may not ever get better and he's probably got chronic herpes. we can try a new antibiotic, put him back on baytril + clavamox, or try acupuncture. i'm so sad. my poor baby. on the way home he stood up in my lap and gave me kisses on my face. he's never done that. i think he knows i'm trying my hardest to get him better. poor baby, he even tried to talk to me but no noise came out! i love him so much.

i desperately want to buy my kids a cat tree. man, they'd have sooo much fun in one of those. i told jarred i'm gonna save up for one. he already said no. he's no fun. he also said no to the acupuncture. he's a mean dad. i'm gonna do it anyway. hey, what if it does work??

i want the best for my babies...Collapse )
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[06 Jun 2004|10:25pm]
[ mood | sad ]

we went to jarred's parent's house today. i fell asleep 'cause i was so sleepy and jarred woke me up around 10pm 'cause Frank got bitten by a rat and we had to give them peroxide.

so we went over there and it was all weird looking 'cause everything was in funny places and steve and jarred were there fixing frank and i went to look at the rats and pheebs was gone. they told me "it died". i guess steve threw her across the room when he saw "frank covered in blood". poor pheebs. she didn't mean to.

people are so stupid. that's the reason half the animals come to my work broken. people and their bad tempers. just like poor Ladee next door with her 4 broken bones... and now pheebs is dead. i liked her, she was fun. we were friends. and now she's dead. i'm sad. i left there so i wouldn't start crying. that makes me sad. people shouldn't be so mean to animals. pheebs either didn't mean to, or frank hurt her and that was her only way to let him know. poor pheebs.


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[06 Jun 2004|01:41am]
we went to see HP. i had to get up once to pee and needed to pee by the end. movies should not be so long... or they should give me a damn foot rest and not make me sit behind fuckin afro man and his childish teeny friends. i didn't think it was quite as good as the other ones... but it was good. during the other HP movies i didn't realize they were so long, but this one was long. maybe i didn't like it as much 'cause i had to pee.

i was sad today 'cause i have no money. ive got hardly enough money to buy groceries. so then i was thinking i should tell the lady to give me a raise or i'd have to get a new job. i could work at walmart with jen and make more money than i do now. stupid bullshit.

i had to buy some million dollar tires today. jarred said that i had to get that done. so i went and the cheapest they had were $61 a piece and with a lifetime warranty it was $150 for 2 tires. good god. stupid damn blasted tires. i didn't want them anyway.

jess said that that's the reason that tabatha is being weird. i dunno though. i hate that boy she's with though. he's a fucknut.

i saw jillian and mom today. jillian was pretty and all dressed up for some wedding. i'm excited that the baby is coming. i wanna be pregnant. then i'd have an excuse to be fat, haha.

sharkbait! hoohaha!!

jen came over after the movie and brought frank 'cause steve was being a fuckass. he pissed on the clean dishes in the dishwasher. so i put Nemo on so frank would feel more at home. then after they left i continued watching it. its' a good movie. and at the end... the verrry end... mike wazowski swam by!!!

i'm so sleepy. jarred found one of our fish dead today, i knew it looked like someone was missing.

i fixed my bracelet today. now it says "i hate everyone" and i have another one that says "i love jarred" and they sit on top of each other contradicting each other which i like.

my back hurts.

oh the neighbor's dog ended up with 4 broken bones in her hand, poor baby. she bit the guy in the face and as a natural reaction he pushed her away and she kept going into the wall. it was a big emergency last night after jess's house. i'm not sure if i posted about it.... i went over today to check on her and she fell asleep in my arms. she's such a cute little poof ball. she's got some good drugs though, that's why she was sleeping. codeine. mmmm.....

i wanna find some fabric that is just the scull and crossbones all over it. that would be bad ass. i'd make curtains for us since the kids ruined all of our blinds. i'm gonna make curtains outta something else though 'cause the scull ones aren't anywhere. i'd prolly have to have them specially made. stupid shit.

awww baxter is rolling around playing with something on the floor. he's a big ball of fat. little pudgey thing. butterball. hehe.
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[05 Jun 2004|11:35am]
i worked this week. and now i have the weekend off, it's gonna be nice. i went to jessica's yesterday. i don't think i know how to be a real girl with friends and gossip and hanging out. it was kinda scary. at the end my tummy was all nervous and i was shaking, it was weird. 'cause i wanted to go home to my jarred and he wanted me to come home too but then i didn't wanna be rude or weird or the "stupid girl with the husband she has to go home to". i dunno. it all worked out.

we hate clayton. he's a pussy girl. he took tabatha away and turned her against jess. which isn't nice. i think we should plot revenge. we have so much for leverage too. stupid "boy".

so then i came home and jarred was a wee bit drunk and apparently the neighbors threw the 8 week old pomeranian at the wall and its leg was hurt and they wanted me to go over there (why, i don't know). i kept saying "i'm not a veteranarian!! i don't know!!!" but they were drunk. so i told them to put it in the kennel and take it in the morning to the vet 'cause they were in no condition to drive. i dunno. there was a lady over there, i guess the friend of the neighbors and she was kinda bitchy. i don't think she liked me. fuckin bitch, what did i do to her??

i had a dream and dana was there. and then there were asteroids coming out of the sky and there were 2 abandoned babies that i saved from the falling sky. then dana and i were at an itallian restraunt that they were setting up and i guess we were going to work there or something. we were tasting all the food. then someone dropped their bag of quarters and they were everywhere. so dana and i were scrambling to get all the money. yay quarters! then they had a dish that was pasta and bread and bbq sauce on top, which sounds gross... but in the dream it was yum.

my poor baxter. every time he gets some of the steroids he gets better for a few days and then goes right back to being a loud breather. i wonder if he hurts. i don't think he does 'cause he loves to run and play and be happy. i hope he's happy. i've already thought of what if he's not happy and it's too difficult. it makes me want to cry.

the other day at work a "boarding facility" called and said that they had one of our patients there who just went thru heartworm treatment and he was having "difficulty breathing". i told them that it was an emergency and they should bring it right in. so they did.

when they walked up to the counter the lady was like "i'm from bla bla boarding place, we've got one of your patients and he was having difficulty breathing but i think he's already gone." she didn't even run up to the counter... she wasn't acting like she had an emergency.... it just pissed me off. so i called for a doctor and tech stat and they brought him in. it was Rambo. poor rambo. they stuck the catheter in and started him on oxygen and gave him some epinepherine and his heart stopped. they started CPR and his heart came back... that happened 5 times and the last time he just couldn't come back. i watched part of it and almost started crying. it was so sad. poor rambo. his parents are in missouri on vacation and his brother Rocky was still at the boarding place.

during the CPR they were doing chest compressions and his heart was still going but there was no pupular reflex, no nothing. he tried so hard to stay alive but couldn't make it. it was soo sad. so i made the parents a paw print of their baby.

the next day i talked to Rambo's mom on the phone about what she wanted to do with the body. she was crying... i felt so bad. i told her that i made a paw print for Rambo and i hope she didn't mind. but i think it made her cry worse. my work is so sad sometimes.

wow my brother is sending me some songs he did and they sound bad assssss. he's really good, im so impressed! insanity. he covered some CKY song and it's so good. craziness. i'm not good at a damn thing. haha. great.

i wish my friends weren't sad. i hope they feel better soon. you guys feel better soon! it'll all work out!!
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